Employee health and wellness is clearly an astute business investment. Providing programs that stimulates employees to regulate their health risks better-as well as keep healthy people healthy-can have positive benefits in terms of managing health costs and enhancing work performance and quality of life. Many business leaders recognize that taking steps to build and maintain a healthy work force makes good business sense.

Preventive focus is the crux of our philosophy in approaching optimal health – one that incorporates both behavioral change and clinical methodologies. We hold strongly to 3 fundamental beliefs:

  1. An individual’s health can be measured

  2. If health can be measured, it can also be managed

  3. Effective health & lifestyle management programs reduce and prevent health problems and in turn reduce health related costs

At Learning Edge we believe that corporate health management programs have the power to improve employees’ lives and rejuvenate the organizations for which they work. As a full-service wellness management provider, we specialize in high-quality and comprehensive targeted Wellness programs. We utilize a medical advisory board to guide our growth, program development and health initiatives.

At Learning Edge, we have a dedicated team that truly believes in the positive impact that we provide to our clients. Our staff of health professionals is comprised of nutritionists, sport scientists and health educators. For the Learning Edge team, providing preventive health care is not just a job; it’s a passion and a way of life

The Wellness unit has a Vision and that is:

To be the premier Malaysian WELLNESS TRAINING ORGANIZATION in transforming and achieving Healthy Malaysia.

Wellness Products:

  • Wellness Edge

    Wellness is not only the process of learning more about your individual health status and what can be done to enhance it, but it is also a process, which includes actively working toward achieving better health.

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  • Wellness Hour

    The Wellness Hour is a program which is part of our brown bag series of programs. In this program we deliver a one hour talk one various topics related to wellness.

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  • Relax

    Stress Management is, simply, effective coping – and it’s a learned process. Stress management requires commitment but the benefits will prove immeasurable!

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