The Leadership & Management Unit focuses on research and delivery in the areas of personal excellence. This unit is responsible in finding latest breakthroughs in what is really needed and what works in leading people and organizations today.

Right from the areas of creativity, people skill, coaching and mentoring to organizational vision alignment, time management and personal performance, Our leadership training program is dedicated in helping leaders, managers and supervisors to upgrade their vital leadership skills using practical methods.

Leadership & Management Products:

  • Eureka

    EUREKA is a dynamic and highly interactive session to generate the free flow of creative juices among the participants.

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  • Hands on Coach

    The present economic climate makes return on investment a vital factor both in the private and public sectors of business activity.

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  • Leader’s Track

    As organizations try to meet the demands of complex, global markets that seems to be constantly changing, a renewed emphasis quite properly falls upon the basic varieties of management – quality, communication, service and, of course, leadership.

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  • Management Mastery

    Management Mastery is the fast track plan for individuals to become an overall corporate leader in terms of management, leadership and strategy in a period of 12 months.

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  • Success Mastery

    SUCCESS MASTERY is designed as a survival tool for anyone who is preparing to face the challenges of the 21st century.

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  • Train the Trainer

    As organizations usher into the next millennium, developing its human resources becomes very critical.

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