Introducing our latest product – CULTURE TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMs 

Benefits of our Culture Transformation Programs:

Increased Performance

Very successful with organisations such as MAS and UEM Land which has increased performance by 25%

Pre Program Survey

On Line Climate Survey which allows us to tell the level of pride, performance, communication and openness in the organisation


Internal communication material such as corporate video, corporate song, map our management interest, posters, logo or icon, pre program articles

Introduction Session

Create a Buzz by having a high impact 2- 3 hour concert style launch/seminar of your organisation’s values


Creating the one third critical mass of the organisation to act as a catalyst for the Organisation to adopt and resonate the values of the organisation

Champion Change

To coach a select few to be change ambassadors, equipping them with tools to motivate and energise others to keep the fire burning

Post Program Survey

Reveal critical next steps to ensure the organisation takes the correct steps at the correct time.


Combination of mini lectures, indoor games, video presentation, group & individual challenges

Our services

Team Building
working in teams is so crucial

In today’s fierce and aggressive business environment, working in teams is so crucial because resources are always limited and customer demands keeps increasing thus pushing organizations to perform way beyond their limits.

And as such organizations need to build their teams and to be up to speed with their competitors and to do this fast enough and effective enough to face the ever-changing business landscape. 

Focusing on research and personal excellence!

The Leadership & Management Unit focuses on research and delivery in the areas of personal excellence.

This unit is responsible in finding latest breakthroughs in what is really needed and what works in leading people and organizations today.

Right from the areas of creativity, people skill, coaching and mentoring to organizational vision alignment, time management and personal performance, Our leadership training program is dedicated in helping leaders, managers and supervisors to upgrade their vital leadership skills using practical methods.

Customer Service/Communication
The customer must have an enjoyable and extraordinary experience

Customer Service and Communication is a unit of The Learning Edge Group, a Human Resource Training and Development organization, which was established in 1999. Concentrating solely on Customer Service Training, Research and Development.

Customer Service and Communication provides very focused and specialized training programs geared towards every level in the organization.

We believe that the core business of any organization is to please and satisfy the customer.

An astute business investment

Employee health and wellness is clearly an astute business investment. Providing programs that stimulates employees to regulate their health risks better-as well as keep healthy people healthy-can have positive benefits in terms of managing health costs and enhancing work performance and quality of life.

Many business leaders recognize that taking steps to build and maintain a healthy work force makes good business sense.

Clients say

  • Excellent and well done! You guys have delivered a series of activities that are enjoyable and at the same time includes leadership and personal improvements elements into team.
    Mohd Muslim Jusoh
    Senior Manager, GTS, PETRONAS
  • Excellent job by Learning Edge ! Very inspiring topics and delivery. I believe the messages from this 3-day session will assist me and my team to move from good to great. We will be intouch for more inspiring programs from Learning Edge. Well Done.
    Zalily Mohd. Zaman Khan
    Chief Internal Auditor, FELDA Global Ventures Holdings Berhad
  • It has been a journey back to the basics, things that we know but evidently don't continue with the practise as time goes by and take things for granted. So this has been a great refresher for my team as it instils the very foundation of a human being not only at work and personal capacity but to carry on in life generally.
    Maheswari Kanniah
    Grp Chief Regulating officer, Kenanga Group
  • To extend more time so that more exposure and info sharing can be benefited by the participants.
    Noryawati Abdul Rahman
    Team Leader, MAXIS MOBILE
  • Trainer knows the topic well. Uses interesting approach and gives good relevant industry examples. It is good that both English and Malay language is used as this enable participants to be captivated. A great program for our new leadership team.
    Syed Saful Yusri
  • The session today is very good. Exceeded my expectation. Lots of fun. Trainers/ Facilitators are very experienced in conducting the team building session in a very fun and easy understand way. My team has a lot of fun.
    Wayne Woo
    Head of Menara Maxis, Contact Centre, Maxis
  • It was more than team building, workshop, a self discovery for some of us, perfectfully done.
    Azam Bin Azman
    Managing Director, CMS Opus Private Equity Sdn. Bhd.
  • "Event was good as it provides clarity and understanding in over-coming obstacles in the job environment and in daily life. Will surely recommend it for all units."
    Adrian Gomez
    Team Manager Priority Service Unit, Maxis
  • Simply engaging, exciting and explorable
    Tay Chai Li
    GM, Nissan
  • Team engagement objective are achieved. Activities on how the team can embrace our values of positive, passionate & collaborative and linked to our day - to - day work.  Motivated facilitator & friendly crew makes a different.
    Andrew Tan
    Head of Campaign Ops & Retention Unit Maxis
  • Great exposure and change of perspective gives a refreshing insight in how we look at the team and each other.
    Badrul Hisyam Merican
    Head of Dealing Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad, Penang
  • The Protasco Berhad's Values Clarification Program was a refreshing program that refined and brought clarity to it participant in taking the next step in Protasco's values journey
    Marina Jaal
    GM Corporate Communications Protasco Berhad
  • Learning Edge simply the best. I love the structure and the professionalism in engaging peoples . I would recommend this program because it is really detailed, practical, fresh ideas and mind blowing
    Encorp Berhad
  • A guaranteed effective programme that delivers invaluable experience conducted by trusted professionals
    Away Day
  • Great workshop with fun activities. We learned valuable leadership lessons from Trainer.
    Badiah Hanim
    Recruitment Manager. GIESECKE & DEVRIENT
  • The Teamwork's program used cutting-edge learning technology and together with their experienced trainers, raised the morale of the team after the program.
    Noreen Meline Muzamli
    Company Secretary Maybank Investment Bank Berhad
  • LEC delivered powerful messages on self and team development in fun and engaging ways.
    Norazlin Mohd Nor
    Corporate & Secretarial Service Maybank Investment.
  • I applaud Learning Edge for the programme that was conducted for us recently. With dedicated team and great content, Learning Edge has never failed us and one of the best consultants that we've worked with. I would recommend them to any organisation who would like to get more set of people. Thanks for an excellent programme!
    Shazlina Shamsiruddin
    Manager, Human Capital, Ekuiti Nasional Berhad.
  • The whole organisation have benefited from these programs as it has steered us collectively and individually towards the goals of the organisation
    Norizan Rabi
    Risk Management Assistant, Petronas Penapisan
  • Based on their track record with us for the last 3 years, i would highly recommend Learning Edge Consultants to any organisations interested in conduction outreach programs for students.
    Fiona Clare Pereira
    General Manager Corporate Affairs, MISC
  • We at MAS Academy are extremely pleased with their services and the business relationship we have built is growing stronger each year.
    Zabidah Salleh
    Senior Manager MAS Academy
  • By attending their program, our team is more energetic and we are working better together. We were exposed to many cutting edge management principles.
    Daniel Rao
    Aker Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd
  • The TeamWorks course was administered, planned and executed to a very high standard. The course content was of a high quality.
    Nick Loughlin
    Malaysia Country Manager